July 20th, 2012

Aaaw <3

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March 23rd, 2012

Mrs. Brown’s Boys

Mrs. Brown is explaining two Mormons why the Bible is made up <3

Main argument is Noah or “Normans” boat and that he couldn’t get himself a unicorn…

My pup Molly chillin&#8217; with her bone

My pup Molly chillin’ with her bone

Revising earlier posts

Just looked at the few posts I have made here i Tumblr and the first post states that I “soon will leave FB”. That hasn’t happened yet… I guess I am still not ready to let it go. Not that FB gives my life meaning but despite all the commercialized shite and all I guess it is a good way of keeping in touch…

February 12th, 2012
Oooh yes&#8230;

Oooh yes…

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January 2nd, 2012


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November 22nd, 2011
Its x-mas time at oxford street

Its x-mas time at oxford street

October 21st, 2011
True swede in the cold london

True swede in the cold london

October 15th, 2011
Chocolate heaven

Chocolate heaven

September 3rd, 2011
I &lt;3 this cat and so will you!

I <3 this cat and so will you!

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August 31st, 2011

Home is where the heart is

I met a cute guy on the tube (underground in London) and on the way home we got acquainted and as I told him that I was half Danish and half English - he asked me, so where do you feel that home is. That got me thinking. So many people say “home is where the heart is” but where is my heart? Here or in Denmark? When I am in London I feel like a part of something, and my “artistic” self loves to be here because of the culture and the feeling that is London/England. But when I feel stressed, out of place or feel down, I always tend to search for home… Denmark… Even though I don’t want to admit it, then Denmark is my home, where my heart is and always will be. Sure I grew up in the UK but I have unfortunately few memories of the time in the UK. I remember the important things like, my dad, the first time I took my dog Pepper home, when my brother fell in the canal in he country side, when I was with my sister. Unfortunately also when my parents started fighting, when I had to travel back and forth between the two countries and experience my dads death.

But then I realized that I discovered who I am or started to (as I would like to think that I still am discovering new things) when I lived in Denmark. I matured (more than before) in Denmark, that is where my life turned for the “better”. My amazing friends, my best friend that I will always love, what I want to do with my life and somehow how I will get there. But England will always have a special place in my heart.

So I guess the conclusion really is (without rambling too much) is that the “England/London” girl is who I would like to be; cultured, artsy fartsy, trendy and so on, but in my heart, deep down, I will be a Dane - from a small crappy town known as Herning.

August 30th, 2011
August 29th, 2011

Carnival was great apart from the fact that I actually got a headache and light sensitivity that just would not go away even with headache pills! So my lovely friend Louise gave me water and the more water I drank, the drunker I got. Mainly because the headache went away and then I could feel the effect of the alcohol I had drank. Anyway, got home safely and had a great time!